Appeal Elementary School



Upcoming Events:

Patuxent -Appeal Campus Food Drive

October 13-24 (click on image for more information)

Scholastic Book Fairs!

Intermediate, October 9-17

Shop Online (for the Intermediate Building)

Beginning October 3rd!  Free Shipping!

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Primary, November 4-12

Thursday, November 6th is the Parent Night for the primary book fair.


Judy Center sponsored FAMILY NIGHT!

School Readiness - What Parents Need to Know

Primary Building

October 15, 2014, 6;30-8pm


PAC PTA Harvest Fest

October 16th from 5:30 to7pm

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October 28th - 31st


Mission Statement

To Prepare All Children for College and Career Readiness!

School Pledge
Every day at PAC, I will strive for excellence by being respectful, reponsible, and safe so that I am ready to learn!


Patuxent-Appeal Campus Contact Information

Intermediate Building

11655 H.G. Truman Road

Lusby, MD 20657

410-535-7800(office) 410-326-6996(fax)

Official School Hours: 9:05-3:45pm

*Car riders should not be dropped off before 8:40am and may be picked up after 3:45pm

Primary Building

35 Appeal Lane

Lusby, MD 20657

410-535-7830(office) 410-326-0828(fax)

Official School Hours: 9:05 - 3:40pm


A Green School certification reflects our efforts to offer students, families and staff opportunities
to take action and become more aware of environmental issues and have a positive impact on
the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Areas of focus are Energy Conservation, recycling, habitat restoration, water conservation and pollution prevention. Please visit the new Going Green
website at to see students and schools in action.